Challenges from the Internet

I received this from the most recent Inner Journey Newsletter, and I found it very interesting to contemplate, so I share it with you...

"The central event of the twentieth century
is the overthrow of matter...
The powers of the mind are everywhere ascendant
over the brute force of things."
- George Gilder

Those of us who use the Internet are challenged with spam, viruses and worms. What meaning can we find in these culprits?

It helps to remember that the cause of everything lies in the spiritual realm. And so we might reflect:

On spam: What unsolicited junk do we allow to enter our minds and distract us from what's important?
On viruses: What malicious thoughts and behaviors sabotage our dreams and sap our vitality?
On worms: How do we allow fear to worm its way into our lives and subvert our highest intentions?

Mass consciousness is a reflection of all of our individual consciousness. The inner world creates the outer world. When we clean up our own systems, the external systems will follow suit.

"If each of us sweeps in front of our own steps,
the whole world would be clean."

- Goethe


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