Divine Love IV

Today, the series of beautiful readings on Divine Love in Paramahansa Yogananda's Spiritual Diary ends. Tomorrow, we move on to the subject of humility, which is a fitting successor to these...

"If in the darkness, the mind never wavers,
if love and longing never grow weak,
it is then that you prove to yourself
that you really have the love of God."

"God's love is so embracing
that no matter what wrongs we have done,
He forgives us.
If we love Him with all our hearts
He wipes out our karma."

"God understands you
when everyone else misunderstands you.
He is the lover who cherishes you always,
no matter what your mistakes.
others give you their affection for a while
and then forsake you,
but He abandons you never.
In countless ways
God is daily seeking your love..."

"The love of God cannot be described.
But it can be felt as the heart is purified
and made constant.
As the mind and the feeling
are directed inward,
you begin to feel His joy.
The pleasures of the senses
do not last;
but the joy of God is everlasting.
It is incomparable!"


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