Inner Renunciation II

The series of beautiful readings on renunciation in Paramahansa Yogananda's Spiritual Directory, are about to conclude, and I wish to share today's entry, which I read on this magnificent Saturday morning, with a chorus of joyful birds chirping in the background to my meditation:

"It is alright to enjoy life;
the secret of happiness
is not to become attached to anything.
Enjoy the smell of the flower,
but see God in it.
I have kept the consciousness of the senses
only that in using them
I may perceive and think of God.
'Mine eyes were made to behold
They beauty everywhere.
My ears were made to hear
Thine omnipresent voice.'
That is Yoga, union with God.
It is not necessary to go
to the forest to find Him.
Worldly habits will hold us fast
wherever we may be
until we free ourselves from them.
The yogi learns to find God
in the cave of his heart.
Wherever he goes,
he carries with him
the blissful consciousness
of God's presence."


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