Inner Renunciation III

I was gifted with the opportunity to meditate with two friends this week - each one deeply devoted to their meditation practice. Yesterday, a spiritual brother and I shared the impact and insights that the readings on renunciation were having in our lives.

As sojourners on the earth plane, we are constantly being reminded that there is more to life, and that we have to slowly divest ourselves of all the attachments and things that occlude our connection to the Divine, the spiritual realm, and to one another. The ultimate gift we give - is that of our own lives, and I was acutely reminded of this last light, as I accompanied my husband to see the movie, "Grand Torino," which is truly an exercise in morality on so many levels.

I share this passage coming from the writings of Sri Gyanamata, because it was the selection for today in Yogananda's Spiritual Diary. Every time I read it, it has so much more to offer and yield in terms of insights for me, and hopefully may be of benefit to many of you, and will bear re-visiting one more time...

"What I could not understand
was why everything must go;
why things that were right,
that were mine, that harmed no one,
why all the dear little rights and privileges
must be taken from me.
But they were so taken by God.
He was thrusting me out of a life
of dependence upon small comforts
into one that should be lived for him alone."


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