May The Lord of Day Grant Us Peace

We arrive at the end of a month full of special graces. I marvel at the blessings bestowed, the connections made, the gifts of the soul received, and the clarity of heart and perspective granted. I am filled with the Presence of the Divine, and a Love that lasts forever...

I wish to usher in the new month arriving, and heralding the coming of spring and the regeneration and newness of life, with
a blessing from an ancient text, the Taittiriya Upanishad:

"May the Lord of day grant us peace.
May the Lord of night grant us peace.
May the Lord of sight grant us peace.
May the Lord of speech grant us peace.
May the Lord of space grant us peace.
I bow down to the Divine, source of all power.
I will speak the truth and follow the law...

May the light of wisdom illumine us.
May we become united with the Lord..."


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