When Great Love Comes

As I noted yesterday, I explored the notion of what is real and unreal in my classes this week - emphasizing how the practice helps to dispel delusions.

I reflected on this myself as I reviewed some of what Paramahansa Yogananda wrote on the subject. Everything I read touched me deeply, and these are some of the thoughts I had:

"What is real? All that comes and that is sourced from the Divine is real. That which comes from the material world is unreal...

What is connected to the Divine is eternal. What is connected to the earth plane, passes....

The more we connect to the Divine, the more clearly we will be able to see what is real...

We make that connection by seeking the Divine deeply in meditation. Only then will He reveal Himself. But we must search, and look, with unceasing dedication. Nothing else will satisfy...

We must recognize that God's Presence is in all things, and in all places - and at all times..."

I read this passage from Yogananda over and over again. Part of it I had shared in a December entry. But now, I had the whole passage, and it spoke much more deeply - with a purity and clarity I may not have had or appreciated nearly a month ago, when a dear friend shared part of it:

"And when great love for God
comes in your heart,
you do not miss anything;
no matter what you have
or do not have in this world,
you nevertheless feel fulfilled.
Divine love transmutes
all material desires -
even the longing for human love...
Loving the Lord, you can never turn back
to being satisfied by lesser loves.
In Him you will find
all the love of all hearts.
You will find completeness.
Everything that the world gives you
and then takes away,
leaving you in pain or dissillusionment,
you will find in God
in a much greater way,
and with no aftermath of sorrow."

I read, and re-read, and drink in the solace of this wisdom dispensed as sweet nectar for the soul...

I nod softly, and gently, in acknowledgment of that moment when Great Love comes, and the heart blissfully accepts, that God alone suffices...


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