Back on the Water

As I ran some errands this afternoon, I spontaneously decided to go "eye-ball" the river. It was warm and inviting, and the next few days were going to be busy for me.

Noticing that the water was still and calm, I headed back home to get Grace and place her on the water. It felt absolutely euphoric to push away from the landing with the first few strokes and be free on the water once again.

In a few weeks, the trees will be covered with leaves once again, and the broad expanse of the river will no longer be visible in the same way.

For the first time in months, I paddled all the way to that favorite spot of mine between two islands and two states.

A motor boat went by and created some waves that tossed Grace about, and it took a while for them to subside. Then I was passed by a group of men whose conversation I could not help but overhear. They were discussing how many euros a prostitute cost and where to find them. That was NOT what I wanted to hear! As a good friend of mine often says - "Note to self: make sure you get on the river earlier, when the more contemplative crowd tends to come!"

Finally, the waters and my soul settled, and I floated for a long time...

This has been a week of incredible experiences - of being invited to deepen one meditation practice two days ago, and of being initiated into another, last night. It was also a week of healing experiences that signaled a turning point in my own journey. I could not help but marvel at the many blessings that had been bestowed upon me. I have felt the embrace of the Divine very beautifully and strongly.

I wonder what adventures and lessons this river will yield for me in the coming months. I look forward to exploring areas I have not visited before, and connecting with nature more deeply...

But for now, I am content to float as a mere wave upon the river of consciousness...


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