Light a Fire in Your Soul

Recently, I received Jamie Allison's newsletter, which is always very inspirational. Jamie is an Anusara Yoga certified teacher, and a wonderful one at that. The following excerpts come from her newsletter:

"I hope this day delights your heart, inspires your imagination and lights a fire in your soul! A pretty tall order, but what if every day was just like that? I, for one, would be thrilled. I think we all recognize that this kind of enthusiasm doesn't just happen. We have to work at it if we want it.

Paradoxically, joy is our birthright. It is, in fact, the very ground of Being from which we have arisen. Why, then, is it so hard to sustain this joy? We need contrast to revel in the brilliant moments and to truly appreciate the sacredness of this life. We are a part of a very clearly defined mission. The Sacred Supreme is seeking to know Herself. She is eternally Blissful, Perfect and Full, Purnatva. In the realm of the Absolute there is no contrast. She needs us to know Herself.

When you are having that not quite right or down right lousy day, pause in the midst of your misery and allow yourself to remember this. This dark cloak you are wearing is your gown of initiation. It was fashioned just for you to help you to awaken to the wonder that only you can be and only you can recognize and offer.

Your sorrow may hold the keys to your greatest joy. Your frustration may be pointing you to fulfillment beyond your wildest dreams. If you don't like the 'garment' you are wearing today, ask how you might change it. What steps can you take to be 'dressed for dancing?'

This letter was inspired by the sweet song of the first red-winged black bird to arrive at Ananda Tandava. She did not arrive on a glorious spring-like day. She blew in on a terrific wind that has been shaking the house all day. She arrived alone, with the dark clouds and the threats of more winter weather. She arrived to remind me that even when things look dark, even when the cold chill of winter is hanging on, Spring will arrive. Insistent, demanding, look-at-time Spring will come through for all of us. This is Nature's promise and she has never let us down.

Make your promise to Nature. Try to offer your best everyday. Find something to cherish in every moment, even the darkest moments, for they may hold the greatest treasures.

Do I do this everyday? I wish I could honestly say yes, but I can't. I wrestle with my demons. I cry my tears of sorrow. Then nature taps me on the shoulder or hits me over the head, which ever is most effective, and says, 'wake up!' the world is waiting. Yes, the world is waiting. Waiting for each one of us to open to Grace, to decide how we will engage in this blessing of life. Asking how we will refine this gift and then offer it.

The Universal Principles of Alignment of Anusara Yoga have gifted me with this template for living. Anusara Yoga offers an anchor in the storm. These teachings are a path to the heart. Your heart is your personal north star and will guide you to safe harbor and allow you to navigate the seas of life in all types of weather."

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