You are a Wave on the Ocean of Consciousness

I continue to read, re-read, imbibe, and immerse myself in the notes from last weekend's workshop with Paul Muller-Ortega. So many gems that touched my heart deeply. I will share some of my notes...

"You are a wave on the ocean of consciousness. A wave is a movement of energy or life force - it is the arising of the universality into a particular expression. You come from parents - and you have bodies that are not only physical, but subtle, and transcendental as well.

Life teaches many life lessons. What is our true home? There is a nostalgia we have for lost paradise. This is an intricate feeling in the heart. It is both sweet and sour. We are wanting to remember a place, time, and person that has been left behind.

We are currently in the midst of a planetary awakening - and just like in our lives - changes are occurring and an awakening is happening. Everything on the outside of our lives is going to change - sometimes it does so slowly - but sometimes it does dramatically. How can I surf through the tsunami waves of change? How do I find myself to be a willing participant in life - rather than a victim? It happens when we live from this very deep place inside of us - the heart - that has to be stabilized.

Where am I truly rooted? In the deepest space of consciousness - as a permanent abiding state - seamlessly one with the place that is no place - where there is no sequence. Can I be so powerfully united with that place that I become someone who can draw from that place - drinking in amrita - the nectar milkshake - so that I remain rock solid in any form of change?

Through real sadhana you become a manifestation of Divine energy that flows through you and supports you in every stage of what you are supposed to blossom into.

In this present moment - may I be at home!"


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