All is One

Four years ago today, after an incredibly blessed encounter, I began writing again, after 22 years of silence...

I think of this day, so sacred and forever etched in my memory, and reflect on how I have arrived at a turning point of sorts. I drink in the insights of so many gifted seers who have revealed glimpses of what is to come right around the corner. In so many ways, I would not be here - where I am today - if I had not taken up the pen once more to record all that had simply gone unaddressed...

I had always written, but I let other things get in the way, and I did not give expression to my voice...

My last collection of poems were written in 1983, during a very blessed year. I am in the process of re-visiting and editing them...

This is what I wrote, four years ago today, about a confluence of experiences that are truly ineffable and forever engraved in my heart...

All is One

My heart is overflowing with Grace—
hands in Anjali Mudra,
pressed against my breast—
and the Cave of my Heart.
Hands that commune in Reverence,
and in Silent Anticipation
of the coming Salutations to the Divine!

A mudra—
a simple seal
is but a Benediction—
a Solitary Witness
to the Ineffable merging
of the self into Self.

Hands and arms reaching up to heavenly realms
in Urdhva Hastasana,
in humble Praise and deep felt Gratitude—
then touch the floor in Uttanasana
in total Surrender
to Divine Grace.

Each movement—
Is but a Meditation in Motion—
My body becomes a Sacred Temple for the Spirit.
My Essence dissolves in an act of total Immolation.
I am now only the Expression
of Ecstatic Bliss!
What joy is this!
that entered my Life—
with no solicitation?
Birthed out of a Simple Surrender
To Divine Will,
A moment of Sheer Grace—
Such a total Gift!
Which came in a way most unexpected.

My heart opens—
And Love explodes exponentially in Anjaneyasana,
Radiating from my Heart Chakra,
Energy flowing from my Core—
to the farthest Corners of the Universe.

All is One!

Flowing with Grace—
Pose after pose.
My body is Sacred Space,
Moving in Time
which is both Sanctified,
And Eternal.

All is One!

Hands embrace once more,
in Anjali Mudra.
My Heart is Inebriated,
wanting to burst out of my breast!
I cannot contain
the surging Currents of Energy—
which Spill into the Ocean of Divine Love!
I drown in the Intoxicating Elixirs
Of Divine Bliss—
What a Gift of Sheer Grace!

All is One!


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