Begin with Compassion

As we begin a new month, and I continue to process insights, energy, and experiences from the weekend, I am reminded that in Japanese Reiki, Mikao Usui taught that we must cultivate compassion for ourselves before we can extend it to others...

I think of that as being gentle with oneself when it is needed...

As I process, meditate, and reflect, I also recall so many powerful moments at this time 4 years ago, that ignited my soul and accelerated the path I am currently on. It was nearly 4 years ago that my soul was moved enough to begin writing again, after two decades of not doing so...

It was 4 years ago - that after decades of stopping and starting a meditation practice, I began to sit again on a daily basis...

It was nearly 4 years ago - that in many ways, my interior life changed radically...

I think of where I've been since - never imagining all the changes, the gifts, and the opportunities that I would come to experience, and I am reminded to be gentle and compassionate with myself.

And these were Paramahansa Yogananda's words for today:

"Compassion towards all beings
is necessary for divine realization,
for God Himself is overflowing with this quality.
Those with a tender heart
can put themselves in the place of others,
feel their suffering, and try to alleviate it."

Be always compassionate - to yourself and others - for this is the way of the Divine...


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