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I go to take my Anusara Yoga class today at noon with Suzie Hurley, the wonderful director of Willow Street Yoga Center, after a hiatus of a couple of weeks. I had forgotten how delicious it is and how it feeds my soul. As always, Suzie is bursting with joy and enthusiasm as she bids us to embody "shri" - beauty - like spring blossoms, as she deftly reviews the leg principles. We play with ankle, shin, thigh, and pelvic loop as we align more deeply with the Divine in our practice. I make a mental note to review these with my own students when I begin my session in a week.

A good friend is now able to take this class with me - in fact, she is the one who told me about this class years ago, when I taught during this very same time slot, never imagining myself to be free at the time. We drive over together, sharing insights and and seeking out each other's wisdom and simply enjoying one another's company...

I come home to settle in for a little afternoon work in my office.

Before starting, I catch a glimpse of this smattering of verses by Rumi that spoke to me, from a couple of different pieces...

On Language

To speak the same language
is to share the same blood,
to be related

The language of companionship
is a unique one
To reach someone through the heart
is other than reaching them
through words

The Promise

When pain arrives side by side
with your love
I promise not to flee
When you ask me for my life
I promise not to fight

I am holding a cup in my hand
By God if you do not come
Till the end of time
I promise not to pour out the wine
Nor to drink a sip

Your bright face is my day
Your dark curls bring the night
If you do not let me near you
I promise not to go to sleep...nor rise

Your magnificence has made me a wonder
Your charm has taught me the way of love...

On the wings of the Friend
fly o my heart!
Fly up and look upward...

Others praise God at the time of affliction
You stay awake day and night
Steady, watchful like the wheel
of the firmament...


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