Rumi on God and the World

I found this poem online where Rumi speaks of God. I included excerpts from it in my entry a few days ago but wanted to share the whole piece...

"When His love shines without a veil -
neither the sky remains nor the earth,
not the sun, not the moon.

God embraces all...
There is nothing that is not a part
of him already.

Remember God!
His remembrance is the strength
in the wings of the bird that is your soul

The souls of all friends of God
are connected with one another.

You must seek anything
that you wish to find
Not so with the Friend...
You begin to seek after you find him."

On the World

The world is a mountain
Whatever you say, good or bad,
it will echo it back to you.
Don't say I sang nicely
and mountain echoed an ugly voice...
That is not possible.

The human intellect is a place
where hesitation and uncertainty take root.
There is no way to overcome the hesitation...
except by falling in love

To reach the sea and be happy
with a jug of water is a waste
the sea has pearls...
And a humdred thousand other precious things...


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