Stepping into the River at Dawn

The river calls, it beckons, and I come down to its banks in the early morning...I step inside, and baptize my feet...

It is quiet, and still, and beautiful, and I think to myself, it doesn't get much better than this...

I think once again of the bumper sticker I saw last week - it haunts me, in a good way:

"Happiness is a choice..."

Yes it is - it is a choice we must make again, and again, and again...

I also recall so many beautiful passages that I have read lately by Yogananda:

"The laughter of the Infinite God
must vibrate through your smile.
Let the breeze of His love
spread your smiles in the hearts of men...

You have the power to hurt yourself
or to benefit yourself...
If you do not choose to be happy
no one can make you happy.
Do not blame God for that!
And if you choose to be happy,
no one can make you unhappy...
It is we who make of life what is is...

Remember that when you are unhappy
it is generally because you do not visualize
strongly enough the great things
that you definitely want to accomplish in life,
nor do you employ steadfastly enough
your will power, your creative ability,
and your patience,
until your dreams are realized...

Happiness depends to some extent
upon external conditions,
but chiefly upon mental attitudes.
In order to be happy
one should have good health,
a well balanced mind,
a prosperous life,
the right work,
a thankful heart,
and above all,
wisdom or knowledge of God."

I drink in the words, salve for my heart and balm for soul. They act as a healing unguent - reaching crevices that have been so resistant to healing touch...

I paddle, I float - slowly, I sit very still in the moment inside of Grace, my kayak...

I emerge from the water, cleansed, refreshed, and filled with hope, knowing, that happiness is ultimately my choice...


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