I am at home, enjoying a wonderful bordeaux, cheese and pate, and transcribing my notes...

The week in Denver was magnificent. It many ways, it was a turning point for me...

The last day did not disappoint, and I am currently transcribing 75 pages of handwritten notes. I have typed three days worth, and still have a couple more to go...

On the last day, Paul Muller Ortega addressed the process of awakening into Great Consciousness. The Tantric text that we studied all week, the Siva Sutras, is in essence, a manual for consciousness...

Here are some of my notes from the last day. I realize it may not make sense to many - still - I wish to share them:

"We are that Great Consciousness and we always have been – we have simply chosen freely to dance in the waves of transformation. In that process – in one or another moment of being embodied – in a particular life as a mysterious and grace saturated moment – that which has caused bondage in many life times – begins to release itself.

“Anava mala” – (which is not a negative thing) allows Great Consciousness to show the mystical reflections of infinite possibilities of Lord Siva. It creates great beauty and extraordinary challenges – yet we are never abandoned by that Great Consciousness.

There is victorious victory over those challenges – so we overcome, surpass, and even bless the challenges that we receive. Thus – we are revealed the great secret of life.

Somehow – in some moment – we begin to awaken because there arises within us an instinct of remembrance – there must be more to life. Then we are launched into the second great act of our existence.

This impulse is real – and it deals with profound human reality. Our eyes open in this process of awakening. We match what is happening in the inside of us with what is happening externally in the outside world.

Sometimes this process is not easy and it affects our lives, our relationships, etc., but even in the midst of this – grace does not leave us bereft – it does not abandon us.

You have to be already stirring and cracking through the shell of your “anava mala” to be awakened by a guru – so that you are already looking to the sky and saying – when can I fly? (In other words – the awakening cannot happen unless we have begun to do the preparatory work for it to happen).

Thus, the hatchings that come to us – and look towards us – are looking for guidance.

In this process of our own awakening – even in the early stages of it – we still are able to serve others. Students come to you – and you serve them – sometimes by a single sentence that you utter, a look you give them, or by a loving touch or adjustment. We share our support with others.

We are in an era of planetary awakening – it is really an extraordinary time..."

Yes...It is!


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