Strength and Foundations

This morning, as I worked with "Muscular Energy" - the second of the Anusara Yoga Universal Principles of Alignment, I reminded my students that when they engage muscle energy - they begin their practice by setting a strong foundation so that they can then draw on their inner strength. This source of inner strength is unlimited as evidenced in my favorite quote by Rumi:

"The whole universe is inside of you.
Ask all from yourself."

By hugging the muscles to the bones - and drawing in towards the midline, and from the periphery to the core - we not only set a strong foundation - but we tap into our inner source of strength - and then we make beauty and art with our bodies as our practice is expressed from the inside out as poetry in motion.

Sometimes, our foundations crumble and must be rebuilt. I shared with my students - that in many ways that has been the theme of my life the last couple of years - rebuilding my foundations to make myself stronger...

We are supported in many ways - some seen, and others unseen. The whole practice supports our growth and development. Setting a strong foundation provides the nourishment for our development and feeds our strength...

I shared with my students how my foundations are being strengthened and enriched by connections I am making online through Facebook and Twitter. The first of these social networks has enabled me to connect with people from all walks of my past and life. The second is allowing me to make new connections I would never have been able to make.

This morning, as I reviewed many of the beautiful postings made by other like minded souls sharing inspiration from many different sources, the awareness came to me - that we were a community of people out there edifying each others' souls - and indeed, shrinking the very parameters and boundaries of the planet. We were embodying the reality of our oneness and connection...

I am in awe of connections I've made recently - most especially with one wonderful soul who chose to endorse my writings to his own community of followers, urging them to support me - telling them that I was "quietly weaving my own poetic spirituality." Who could have foreseen this possibility even a few short years ago? Truly, we are not alone!

Sometimes, we must let go of the foundations that no longer serve us - and find others that will more adequately sustain us. As I guided my students through the radiant expressions of their poses, I noted how when they rooted and drew in - they tapped into their inner sources of strength - which then enabled them to further unveil their magnificent hearts - as they organically extended - like unfurling leaves and blossoms in search of the sun.

We have within us - everything that we need - and when we share that - we strengthen the Universal web of connections - and heal ourselves and others - one person - and one beautiful and unique expression of the Divine - at a time!


Bob O said…
Reconnecting with you has been a great source of comfort and inspiration for is so great to tap into your spirituality again! Your soul has always been alive with a depth of the Divine that invites others to discover the interconnectedness of Divine wisdom and power.
Olga Rasmussen said…
Thank you! Your soul always has shown much beauty. You have much to offer the world - so shine your light as well!

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