An Ocean of Wisdom

I cannot go paddle today, for it is raining outside. Once more it rains, and I sense the water is deeply cleansing something in the profundity of my soul...

Yesterday I visited the river just to see it, and smell the air, and note how high the waters were. They have receded somewhat...

As I took in the sights, I reflected on the incredible session of craniosacral therapy that I had just returned from with a gifted therapist, and I delighted in a new found sense of freedom in my body. The releases were truly divine, and my psoas muscle felt more lengthened and happy and free - than I could ever recall feeling it. It literally seemed to jump up and dance for joy as so much tension along its path was released.

Today, I cannot paddle, but on some level - I connect with the vast ocean of insights that the river often yields. As I sit at my desk, in the "Purple Room," that is the sanctuary of my soul and where I practice and meditate, and write - I take a break from reviewing my lesson plan for the yoga class I am teaching tomorrow for my own teacher.

I sit and savor the wisdom of these delicious quotes that came to me from various sources on this day, as I contemplate a series of impending changes in my life and the challenges they are presenting. Each one of these quotes contains a pivotal insight and message that I am to embody...

"You can't cross the sea
merely by standing
and staring at the water."
- Rabindranath Tagore

"When flowing water meets with obstacles on its path,
a blockage in its journey, it pauses.
It increases in volume and strength,
filling up in front of the obstacle
and eventually spilling past it.
Do not turn and run,
for there is nowhere worthwhile
for you to go.
Do not attempt to push ahead
into the danger.
Emulate the example of the water:
Pause and build up your strength
until the obstacle no longer
represents a blockage."
_ Marsha Sinetar (adapted from the I Ching)

"The winds of grace
are always blowing,
but it is you that must
raise your sails."
- Rabindranath Tagore

"Though your errors be
as deep as the ocean,
the soul itself
cannot be swallowed up by them"

I did not go to the river today. Instead, the river came to me - and poured its secrets into my heart...


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