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Peace Prayer

This beautiful prayer was posted by a wonderful soul I've met through Twitter by the name of Pamir Kiciman, who is shining light into the farthest corners of cyberspace. It is so appropriate for this moment in time when the world is witnessing conflicts on so many levels.

Yet, it also speaks to the heart, and quietly addresses many of the internal conflicts that simply go undetected by others, and which often silently fester within...

Peace Prayer by Lama Gangchen Rinpoche

Peace to the inner and outer environments.
Peace to the five elements within and without.
Peace to this body.
Peace to this mind.
Peace to this huge ocean of emotions and feelings.
By the power of the truth and for the happiness of all beings,
may we have a culture of peace,
a society of peace, a world of peace,
where we can have days of peace,
nights of peace, sleep with peace and dreams of peace.
By the power of the truth and for the healing of all beings,
may we have peace in all moments
and in everything.

May this Peace Prayer feed your heart, and mind, and soul. May it heal you and change your perspective. May it shift your consciousness and vibration - so that you may be the catalyst for the change others need to embody. And pass it along!


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