May You Weave

Today, in my yoga class, my teacher spoke of the meaning of the word "Tantra." She noted, that though the first part of the word - "tan" is often translated as "to weave," it really means to stretch and to accelerate as well.

Tantra is an invitation to stretch our consciousness, our perspectives - and our perceptions. It also gives us the opportunity to accelerate our personal growth and transformation.

The second part of the word, "tra" means technique or technology. Therefore, Tantra is a technology for transformation and growth. Anusara Yoga practitioners have a wonderful and elegant system that not only brings the body, mind, and spirit into alignment with the Divine - but is a vehicle for profound transformation on all of those levels as well.

As we began class, we were invited to set an intention for our practice. Perhaps we had a relationship that needed to heal, or perhaps we wanted to let go of something in our lives that was standing in the way of deeper growth in our lives.

This invitation spoke to me very deeply, because I had come to class with both of these issues very much in mind and had already planned to offer my practice for a friend celebrating a birthday.

We were challenged to open and ground and led to revisit our intention at various junctures throughout our time together, and especially during the end of class when we surrendered in savasana...

Hatha Yoga is a tantric practice that evolved as a way to experience liberation in mind, body, and soul. Throughout the class I found myself reflecting on the meaning that the word "tantra" most commonly elicits - "to weave."

When we open the doors to transformation, we enter into a dance where we co-create with the Divine and together we give birth to a rich tapestry that symbolizes our essential oneness...

In this week, of the special energies of a solar eclipse, and of many dear friends celebrating birthdays, I was moved to write this poem for one friend, and it seems appropriate to share it here, as we continue to grow and weave our own insights into a strong foundation...

May You Weave

may you weave
the sacred energies
of your special day
into something beautiful
for God

may you weave
a rich tapestry
to embrace you fiercely
in God’s Protective Love

may you weave
a holy web of blessings
to nourish your spirit
throughout the coming year

and may you delight
in your soul knowing—
“The cloth God weaves
never wears out.”

may you weave
a sacred offering,
and may you find solace
in the Beloved’s
unconditional love,
in each fiber
and in every strand

(Quote is from Rumi)


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