Random Acts of Kindness

These wonderful suggestions come from the blog, "A Gutsy Guide for Getting Your Mojo Back," by Lissa Rankin.

Random Acts of Kindness

1. Pay the toll for the car behind you. (Be sure you’re in a cash line, now that many cars have fee scanners.) I love watching in my rear view mirror for their reaction. It’s worth every penny.

2. Return someone’s grocery cart from the parking lot so they don’t have to walk it back.

3. Let someone go ahead of you in the check-out line. Always a crowd pleaser, and your halo may begin to show.

4. Hand someone a Wet One who really needs it. Carry them in your purse and help out a frazzled Mom or a grown-up who just spilled something.

5. Return a neighbor’s empty trash can after trash day. I’ve had neighbors do this for me several times since my husband died. How sweet, well maybe not sweet smelling but …..

6. Deliver a neighbor’s paper to their door. It may save their slippers some tread. Do it for one entire week and you’ll have them really stymied.

7. Wash a random car windshield at a gas station. They will be shocked but see life more clearly.

8. Rake someone’s yard, pull some weeds, or mow the lawn. If you live someplace cold, shovel someone else’s sidewalk.

9. Bring a container of hot herbal tea or gourmet coffee to work and pass it out to your co-workers.

10. Leave a kind, unsigned note on a car windshield of someone you know is having a tough day.

11. Write a thank you note to a serviceman or two. Seek addresses through the USO.

12. Mail a card to someone in need, without a signature. Sign it “Someone who cares.”

13. Take a photo of someone who is at a special place without a camera. Then get their address and mail it to them. They’ll love you for it, even if they don’t know you.

14. Offer to photograph a couple or family group together so the cameraman or woman can be in the photograph. Take several, then turn the camera on yourself and take a shot just for fun. It will give them something to show their friends at home of that crazy girl they met on vacation.

15. Pick up a free balloon where offered and then randomly give it to someone who looks like they could us a lift to their day.

16. Bring an extra bottle of water (still sealed of course) along on a walk or hike and offer it to someone who looks thirsty at the destination spot.

17. In a restaurant, pull out the chair for someone being seated nearby. Then hand them their napkin.

18. Give up your taxi willingly to someone else seeking fare. Boy will they be shocked at this small random act of kindness.

19. Take a cake or casserole to the local firestation to say thanks for a job well done.

20. Deliver Christmas gifts to the doorstep of a friend you know who has little give their children that year. Have an unknown “Santa” deliver them.

21.Bring along a bag and gloves and pick up some trash along one of your city streets. Maybe it will spread. We did this once on a trashed deserted island- Wow!

22. Now that my husband spends his birthdays with God, I find a charity and give them the amount of money I would have spent on David’s gifts. I write them a letter and they often send me a thank you card. I place the card on the Christmas tree (his birthday is at Thanksgiving) and we open it last on Christmas morning. Somehow it feels like David is present and the family awaits discovering what charity benefited by David that year.

Why offer unconditional, just because acts of kindness? Because the world needs it, and so does your mojo!



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