Gratitude for the Last Few Days

Jeff and I have returned from an exquisite break on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, and we ended our too short sojourn there by sipping champagne on an 83 year old sail boat in the late afternoon yesterday, followed by a wonderful dinner in St. Michael's.

The sail boat ride was wonderful. There were only 4 others on the boat besides Captain Iris Clarke and her First Mate, whose sense of humor and knowledge was absolutely delightful. Her love of the Selina II, a boat which has been in her family for several generations was so palpable. We were accompanied by two local Bed and Breakfast owners as well, who shared a lot about the wonders of this little gem of a town, and were absolute fun to be with. I hope to return again and stay at both of their places because they were so passionate about what they do! I feel so lucky to have been so welcomed by three area business women!

I will list the web sites of these wonderful business owners that I met yesterday for those of you who are interested in visiting St. Michael's. I promise to be back online soon!

Sail Selina II

Point Breeze Bed and Breakfast

Hambleton Inn


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