In the Center of God's Heart

Today is my mother's 80th birthday. I know that not everyone gets to have a parent live a long, healthy, and beautiful life. Not everyone has had the gift or benefit of a good relationship with their parents - and there are some - that for one reason or another - are not close to them either. And not every person can call her mother a friend...

We began the day by going to breakfast and then by walking the labyrinth. I invited three friends that have played significant parts in my life in the last few years - two of them beautiful yoginis - to join in this special celebration. A couple of friends knew each other - but all three had not met. Yet, meeting in an embodied state was a mere formality - because through my sharing - I know there was already knowledge and love there already present...

I wrote a poem briefly, when I came back from that experience, and before I dashed off to take my mother to Mass at our parish, Holy Trinity in Georgetown - where my son went to grade school, and where he received his First Communion and Confirmation. We ran into the parents of my son's best friend from kindergarten. high school, and the University of Virginia - who were celebrating their 36th wedding anniversary...

At one point, while sitting at the center of the labyrinth, as the energy, prayers, and meditations of my friends, my mother and I merged, I had a vision of us all sitting in the center of God's Heart. In many ways, I cannot describe the experience, and though this poem is perhaps not one of my finest, still it truly captures the essence of the day...

In the Center of God's Heart

on my mother's 80th birthday -
I meditate at the center
of the labyrinth
with dear souls and friends
filled with grace and beauty,
all playing a significant role
in my life

I drown in their energy
and the strength
of their prayers -
both ancient and new,
each one of them sitting
on a different petal,
merging prayers
and tears

The image arises within
And I can see very clearly -
that we are sitting
in the center of God's Heart

We walk in and out -
tandem souls in rhythm
my eyes catching sight
of this beautiful verse:

"God wants the heart."

God received
many hearts today,
freely offered
and given
and taken

A life -
joyously celebrated
and landmarks
of many kinds
noted privately
in the company of souls
who gathered to sit
in the center of God's Heart

(Quote from The Talmud)


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