Keep It Simple!

These wonderful insights for the month of September come from the "Jewels in the Lotus" Newsletter...

"The theme this month seems to be to simplify! Paring down to simplicity, cutting the strings of anything that holds us back, has become a necessity. We have spent the last few months, (years, lifetimes) in an intensity energy. We’ve spent time “pruning weeds” and digging deep into the core of our being. There has been a lot of letting go, and release of attachments on many levels of our lives. Now, as time marches us forward, it is time to look ahead with joy!

Amazingly, some of us are now beginning to glimpse the true nature of conscious creation and are feeling the weights that have burdened our souls finally lifting. If you are still struggling with the tricks of the mind, simply take a break. BREATHE. Call in all of your energy, filled with the golden light energy, and explore the joy in the world of limitless possibilities.

Yes, we still have our earth plane lives to deal with. There are all those pragmatic and earthly tasks to attend to. But, when you fully connect with your higher self, and at the same time, keeping your feet fully planted on the earth. the tasks become lighter and more joyful. You bring your energy into balance and harmony. When you learn the art of conscious creation – the earth becomes your canvas and you can begin to create with awareness. Painting with color, big and bold strokes and joyously connecting to all that is. Nature stands out in clear, high relief. Textures are sharp, clear and crisp. Hearts are connected, souls are connected and we feel free. Freedom in form has been the goal for eons and there are those who are living it. Those who are aspiring to live it. And, those who are still holding on to the old way of being. Ask yourself which you would choose?

Let go of trying to control things and surrender to the flow. Live every moment with a passion, embracing all that comes your way. Life is now a beautiful tale unfolding in a magical way! The flow and synchronicities are boundless.

Take charge of the reins of your being and step into the higher realms. Flow with it and see where it all goes.

By bringing your body into balance, and merging the masculine and feminine aspects that lie within you to bring you into wholeness- will strengthen the already beautiful you. And as you unite these divine qualities, you streamline and simplify even further. Keep what fits in the now moment and discard the rest. Feel the fullness of life in the truest sense and own your radiant expression.

So worry not, revel in gratitude and know the joy in keeping things SIMPLE!

Gentle reminders to help you simplify:
(or anytime you feel that dreaded sense of overwhelm)
  • know that "this too shall pass"
  • stand still for a moment and connect with your body
  • feel your heart beat
  • notice your breath
  • release any toxic emotions
  • check in with your shoulders
  • be mindful of your thoughts
  • clear out clutter in all places of your life
    (wallet, desktop, drawers, etc)
  • honor your body!"


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