Remembering and Forgetting

As we begin the Fall Season - I too, begin a new Fall Session of Anusara Yoga classes, and I begin both my classes, and this season with these thoughts and insights - and even though these reflections are poised for my students, they are very much a message for me to take to heart as well...

"Life is a dance between remembering and forgetting.

When we open to grace – we literally step into the current of grace – that is the meaning of Anusara – flowing with grace – or stepping into its rich current – and bathing in its healing waters.

When we step into the current of grace – we remember who are – at our deepest essence – we remember our interconnections – we remember that we are part of an intricate web of life. We also remember who we want to be…

And – we remember beauty. We remember that the sun always shines after the dark – even if in the dark we forget the light.

Summer and all its myriad of activities has ended. We slowly begin to forget and let go of that season, and as we begin class one more, in this fall session – some of us may be returning after the hiatus of a season or more – some after only a couple of weeks – it does not matter – we are hear once again, because we remember…

We remember what the practice has been for us in the past – for it brings us into alignment – and into our optimal blueprint. When our body is this place – we remember – and we forget what it is to be out of alignment…

We yearn to come to that place of alignment, just as we remember beauty – every time we see a sunrise or a sunset.

But life, being what it is – we forget – we forget beauty, we forget to love as deeply as we can – we forget to be as compassionate as we can be.

Yet every season and every day – offers us the opportunity anew to remember – and to start once again.

Every time we don’t come to the mat – we forget.

When we harbor anger or fear – or frustration – we forget. But the beauty and hope is – we can always remember – even when we are in the midst of our deepest pain – we can still see light at the other end of the tunnel.

We remember that there is grace – and when we step into its rich and delicious current – we are opening to grace and all that it offers – we imbibe of its healing waters and we are baptized in its tributaries – we open the door to transformation and we say yes to the whole river and spectrum of life.

I invite you today to let go of the past – and to step onto your mat.

I invite you to open to grace and to remember all the beauty, and good that you do and are..."


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