A Day for Stillness and Peace

After many days of raining, it finally has begun to dry up. So, on this Sunday morning, after putting all the ingredients for dinner into the slow cooker, I head down to the river for a few minutes. There is no one there...

I walk to the edge of the cliff, not far from the bench I sat on, almost two years ago. As I look down at the ground I am surprised I had never noticed that it is literally covered with clover. Or, had it just gradually taken over in the last year or so, without my being aware of it? I think of how easy it is to overlook the simple things in life...

The colors on the other side of the river are not near their peak yet, though the park itself is bursting with oranges, and russets, vermillions and golds - a veritable symphony of colors. And I wonder, how many more times will I be able to launch into the river before I am forced to take a hiatus?

This morning, before I took these few precious moments to myself by the banks of the river, I checked some postings on Twitter. Say what you will about social networking sites, but they can be used to spread incredible amounts of light, love, and goodwill. Reading some of these "tweets" is like carrying around a pocket therapist, guru, or inspirational teacher. So often what you read - is just what you need. Often, when I need a little boost, I just go to check what my "feed" is currently running and what bright lights all over the planet are saying. And so I checked, early this morning, and found a wonderful blog entry that contained a prayer at the end, which I excerpt here...

"What loveliness when we look upon this day!
What holiness we see surrounding us!
And it is given to us to recognize as a holiness
in which we share; it is a Holiness of God Himself.

Today let my forgiveness be complete,
and let the memory of You return to me...

Today, remember how very loved you are!
Today, remember that angels surround you
and that God is guiding you along the path
that leads you to Him -
so you don't need to know the way -
He knows it and will guide you."

What wonderful and comforting thoughts on a day for stillness and peace! I wrap myself around these words and its message which warms my heart and my soul. I hope that it does for you, what it has done for me!

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