The Power to Change

Today I received Jon Gordon's newsletter, and it was titled, "The Power to Change." While the whole newsletter is worth reading, I will include this excerpt here:

"Change can be either your friend or foe and this is determined by how you perceive the change you are dealing with. You can make change your enemy by resisting and running from it or you can make it your friend by embracing it and learning from it.

To thrive you must embrace change...[Here are] 5 questions we should ask help us embrace and ride the waves of change:

1. What can I learn from this experience?
2. How can I grow wiser, stronger and better because of it?
3. What opportunities does it present?
4. What do I want now?
5. What actions do I need to take?"

We all encounter seasons of change in our lives. Some we seek - others we do not and they come unbidden and unexpectedly. Some changes we experience are easy - but others are immensely difficult and sometimes very painful. Yet often it is these very changes that bring hidden blessings which begin to unfold and are recognized in due time...

May you weather your changes with strength, and courage, and grace!

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