Advent 2009 (Poem)

Today, we begin the Season of Advent. We are also starting to head into a season that is sacred to many religious and spiritual traditions. And so, as I reflected on the coming season of Advent for Christians, I found myself writing these words last night...

Advent 2009

I enter quietly
And softly
Into this Sacred Season
Of Silent Waiting,
Into this Holy Season
Of Soul Preparation,
Into this Blessed Season
Of Deep Longing

I Wait
And I Prepare

"O-Beloved One!
I am dying of yearning
to rise!"

I am Dying
of Yearning
To Become
Word Made Flesh
In My Own Words,
And Deeds, and
In All That I Am

(Quote - by Macrina Wiederkehr, A Tree Full of Angels, 1988, 1995)

May this coming season of silence and waiting draw you more deeply inward, to the true treasures stored in the cave of your heart!


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