Slow, Steady, Opening (Poem)

Yesterday, I was inspired to write this poem after a friend posted a paraphrased quote from Cyndi Lee, as her status on Facebook.

It has been a long, full day, of making wonderful connections with many souls. And so, before I go off to meditate, I leave you with this inspiration that came to me, which I know will incarnate into a theme...

Slow, Steady, Opening

The body is always
a gracious temple of the Divine,
and when it offers itself
wholeheartedly to the practice,
its various sheaths—
layers of being, or koshas,
come into balance
and harmony,
in a state of oneness.

A gifted and wise teacher
deftly instructs her garden
of beautiful yoginis,
each one a unique blossom
and embodiment of grace,
to deepen their experience,
by releasing their affliction,
or klesha
by letting go
of their tendency to cling
to what does not serve
their bodies, minds, or souls:

Let the quality of aggressive craving,
shift towards a grounded sense
of watching the slow,
steady opening
that happens in the practice.”

One eager awaiting heart
receives what is imparted,
and by gently softening
and melting into grace,
the various layers of her being—
annamaya kosha – the physical body,
pranamaya kosha – the breath body,
manomaya kosha – the mind body,
vijnamaya kosha – the wisdom body,
and anandamaya kosha – the bliss body,
Align with the Divine,
as her soul experiences
the result of slow,
and steady opening
wash over her
with surprise
and elation


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