Thanksgiving Releases Joy

Everywhere, and in every place, there are so many bright souls and hearts focusing right now on the beauty and sacredness of this season of Thanksgiving and its relationship to joy.

I paraphrase and share excerpts from this e-card that I received from Mary Robinson Reynolds today, because it contains such inspirational and appropriate reminders of what is really important for all of us to consider and reflect on as we celebrate Thanksgiving...

"We give thanks for the love we've shared,
the love we hope to share,
and the return of loved ones to our homes.

This is our blessing,
this is our bounty,
this is our thanksgiving.

We pray from Psalm 122 that there may be:
'Peace with our walls,
and prosperity within our palaces.'
Let us be fully present in this moment,
that we may be truly giving and for-giving.
May there be peace within our families.

The secret of the power of joy is this--
giving is that which releases joy
and this feeling, this realization of joy,
is all that matters.

Invincible forces are ever working
in and through this time of harvest.
Praise and give thanks--
this is the greatest blessing
for the joy that it contains within,
and the power to do good.

May good things be yours in abundance
not only at Thanksgiving
but in all moments
throughout the year as well."

Know, that when we give thanks, when we are grateful - joy flows like a river - from our hearts to others. As Paramahansa Yogananda once wrote:

"From joy I came.
For joy I live.
And in Sacred Joy
I shall melt again."

Or, as Marianne Williamson noted:

"Joy is what happens to us
when we allow ourselves to recognize
how good things really are."

Give thanks! And now, go spread some joy to your friends, co-workers, and families!


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