Fling Open the Doors of Your Heart

On this day, we begin the last month of this year...

On this day, we experience the last Full Moon of the year and the special energies it brings...

On this day, filled with teaching, and some quiet moments in between, I receive this message by Michael Beckwith, sent to me by a dear and loyal friend:

"Today as you sit to meditate, make a commitment to fling open the portals of your consciousness and the doors of your heart as you ask how you may breathe each breath and walk each step as a free agent of conscious co-creativity.

Affirmation: Today I commit myself to my divine destiny as a creative being. I know every path is open before me as I consciously co-create with Spirit.

Enjoy your magnificent day.
Michael Beckwith"

And I would add these words by Thomas Merton:

"This day will never come again."

So live it to the fullest!


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