A Guru Thread Dissolves on 12-12

For metaphysical numerologists, 12-12 bears a lot of significance. It is understood to imply a level of completion - a graduation of sorts - and also denotes the experience of a Cosmic Connection. The number 12-12 also signifies a bridge to the future...

On this day of 12-12, I spent the morning subbing a friend's yoga classes at the studio that is my spiritual home and community. Willow Street Yoga Center in Maryland, is currently the largest Anusara Yoga studio in the country. It counts among its gifted teachers, the largest contingent of teachers in both the certified and Inspired categories - making it a virtual "mecca" for serious students of Anusara Yoga.

I came to study here almost 4 years ago, at the inspired suggestion of a very dear soul companion, after having studied at the studio I taught at for 9 years. At the time, I was working on my Anusara Yoga certification and sensed I needed more direction and modeling in this process. It almost seems like yesterday that I decided to cross the river to take my own classes. I never dreamed then that some day I would be teaching here, and would join the ranks of its incredible faculty. But here I am, and in many ways, it feels like I have been here all along. It is really my home and community in so many ways!

At some point during class, I noticed that my Guru thread had seriously frayed. It had been slowly unraveling of late. But later, as my students were lying down in Savasana, it fell off of my wrist completely, and gently.

In July, I wrote about attending a Guru Purnima service, where we honor the Guru - the True Teacher in our lives. The True Teacher is no more and no less that the Presence of the Divine within us. A Guru is also a teacher who comes to us at the right moment, sent by God to dispel darkness in our lives and to shine light. A Guru shows us the way. They say that when a student, is ready, the teacher appears. And on that 7th day of a Full Moon in July, at exactly 7:07 PM, the service of Guru Purnima began, culminating with a fire service where we burned papers symbolic of letting go what did not serve us.

And here I found myself, on 12th day of December - the twelfth month of the year, at almost twelve o'clock in the afternoon, when my thread disintegrated...

Later in the day, I spoke to another wonderful soul companion and yogini who entered my life nearly two years ago, shortly after this blog began and my life had changed dramatically. Our paths crossed in a workshop we attended, and we both bonded almost immediately. I shared with her, that now I could truly wholeheartedly state, that everything that happened was really for the best in my life. Blessings have been showered on me in ways most unimaginable!

And being a numerologist at heart, I cannot disregard the significance of all these numbers!

I may be somewhat quiet in the coming week. On Monday I leave for The Woodlands, Texas, and the home of Anusara Yoga - to meet with John Friend and the Curriculum Committee for Anusara, as we chart its future and work to standardize its teachings and bring it to a higher level. I am honored to give back in some small way to a beautiful method and system of yoga - that is also a way of life. But I am most honored to share this path with others.

It will be a blessing to be with my teacher and so many world class teachers to work together, to share, and to practice with each other.

Recently I joked with my own yoga teacher about having spent 5 days in a row driving to Maryland to teach, take class, and attend a workshop. She suggested that I move to that side of the river. But I told her I couldn't. I love my side of the river. I love the healing waters that I have not been able to immerse myself in for quite some time. I love my students and where I live. Besides, as I pointed out to her - someone has to spread the Anusara gospel in Virginia! There are a handful of us who are pioneers here - and we are making a difference I hope - one student at time!

Yes - 12-12 is symbolic of a graduation - and signals a bridge to the future! And what a magnficent future it is blossoming into!


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