Winter Solstice

On this day of the Winter Solstice, I cannot help but think of where I was two years ago and how far I've come...

On this day of the Winter Solstice, I cannot help but revel in the many blessings received, so much sweeter because of all that was endured to give birth to them...

On that day of the Winter Solstice two years ago, I went down to the river for the first time with a life that was as open ended as I could have ever imagined it would be. It begged to be re-made, and at 52, I did not think I would be starting over in more ways than one...

And on that day of the Winter Solstice, I took off my watch. I no longer had appointments or a schedule to keep. I did not put it on again until this year's Summer Solstice, when I found myself increasingly busy once again, and needing to get to various places on time. I was told by so many dear intuitive friends, that the landscape of my life, while irrevocably altered, still had more shifting and changing, and emerging to do...

Today, on this Winter Solstice, I go to my acupuncturist, who has accompanied me on the healing journey I undertook two years ago. She tells me that this day is full of "yin" energy, and that it is a day marked by receptivity. She tells me that my liver is doing beautifully, and that a challenging task that I must undertake, can be done from the vantage point of love...

I run out to get some Christmas presents for my son, and the woman at the cashier in front of me has purchased expensive items that yield her cash coupons worth $30. She turns to me and tells me that she is traveling and will not be able to use them, so she gives them to me saying, "Merry Christmas!" I am touched by this gift from a perfect stranger! There is such goodness in the world and its people! It is this kind of generosity that this season is all about.

I wish to share with you, these beautiful insights on the Winter Solstice that come from a recent newsletter from Jamie Allison, a certified Anusara Yoga teacher. I have shared parts of her writings here before...

"As the wheel of the year turns towards the shortest day and longest night of the year, we are offered the opportunity to pause, to stand still for even just a moment and take stock of the preceding year. I believe that many of us have had many opportunities to take stock this year - to truly assess what enriches our lives and fosters a sense of well-being and what can be discarded.

Perhaps, too often this year, we have been forced to let go of things, only to discover that what we were clinging to was holding us back. Perhaps in the letting go, forced or otherwise, we found new reserves, resources and creativity we would not have been aware of in less demanding times.

As this year of upheaval and change is about to depart do we look ahead with hope or with despair? How shall we embrace the unknown, especially in these times of great uncertainty? In times when what we took for granted and held as given no longer exists?

As the wheel of the year turns toward long shadows and diminishing light, it pauses just long enough to invite us to reflect on the darkness and what can be revealed. Then, just as we feel enveloped by the dark, the wheel of the year begins to turn toward the light once again.

This light is always there. A lesson to hold onto, a lesson that reminds us that no matter how dark things seem to be if we have hope, if what we place in our hearts has value, then we can welcome uncertainty. We may find the resources and the creativity to bring forth a plan, a life, a fresh start far better than we could have imagined had we not been pushed out of our comfort zone.

Despair can isolate us, hope can unite us in a common vision. To commit to a vision of service and community is one way to move beyond the uncertainty. Another is remembering to offer gratitude for the blessings and wonder of this life, this day, this moment, this breath.

May there always be a light in the window to guide you home, the warmth of a fire to keep the chill at bay, and the company of good friends and family to hold your heart and reflect the wonder of you, back to you..."

May the longest night of the year uncover the seed of the new light emerging in the coming year. May this light always shine brightly, in your hearts, and mingle with other hearts, joining in a radiance that eludes the beauty of the finest poet's words!

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