Winter Wonderland

For the first time in years, we receive significant snowfall - nearly two feet - or perhaps more - and the sight is beautiful indeed!

For the first time in years, we will have a white Christmas!

For the first time in years, I am snowbound - all the classes I was teach are canceled - so I have no where to go - and no where to be...

I sit in meditation peacefully, with snow falling all around...

I read these words by Paramahansa Yogananda about Christ and this Blessed Season...

"Christ is born in the cradle of tenderness. Love is a greater power than hate. Whatever you say, say it with love. Harm no one. Judge not others. Hate none, love all; behold Christ in all. Think of everything in terms of universality...

Will Christ come again? Metaphysically, he is already omnipresent. He smiles at you through every flower. He feels his cosmic body in every speck of space. Every movement of the wind breathes the breath of Jesus. Through his oneness with the divine Christ Consciousness he is incarnate in all that lives. If you have eyes to behold, you can see him enthroned throughout creation."

To all that are snowbound - may you realize the inherent beauty in the seasonal landscape - and the gift that it brings as it invites us to slow down, dwell in silence and stillness, and live more fully in the present moment.

Blessings of love to you all!


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