A Yogini Garden of Twisted Sisters

I continued to teach my asana detox sequence of twisting poses to my beautiful Wednesday morning class. This was the third day of teaching this class, and some of my students were repeating it for the second time...

We had an incredible time, full of laughter and good cheer, and I was amazed at the very challenging poses that my students welcomed and embraced. I continued working with my theme of of unwrapping the ordinary, in order to disclose the extraordinary - which is at the essence of all things and all souls...

My students reported all kinds of results from the class - from actual physical detoxing experiences, to releasing deep seated emotions - to feeling nauseous, buzzed, or stoned!

It is amazing to note the incredible effects that the practice of yoga can have on our bodies, minds, and spirits...

One friend and budding yoga teacher who dropped in for class last night and honored me with her presence, shared this with me this morning:

"Ah...the exquisite soreness of right effort...
still basking in the effects of that class.
Loosened and wrung and unwrapped,
unwrapped and expanded."

I think I accomplished what I set out to do. I invited my students to let go of what does serve them and to unwrap the ordinary around them - so that their bright light within could shine forth much more brightly.

Ah, indeed!


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