Avatar - Inviting Transformation

It seems so many of the messages I have received from many gifted souls and intuitives recently, focuses on the coming year as being one of transformation.

Like so many others, I went to see the movie "Avatar" by the famed director James Cameron. I initially resisted seeing the movie, because it did not seem appealing to me. I also chose not see it in 3D since I have a phobia for heights and have eyes that were "lasered" for monovision.

I found the movie enticing, touching, a thing of beauty, and packed with powerful messages. Though it has invited wide criticism, it has also mobilized the planet in very unexpected ways.

Without giving away the plot or story line, suffice it to say, the movie is very reminiscent of "Dances With Wolves," which was released about 20 years ago, and is similar in plot to other movies as well. Still, there is something irresistible and magical about "Avatar."

The movie acknowledges that there is sacredness to nature and an energy that permeates all things and unites every thing that lives. This movie speaks to the sacred, to the mystical, to ethics, to stewardship, to a sense of respect, and to the awareness that every created being has a place and a purpose. It addresses so much, and has certainly stirred a wave of deep emotional reactions in all that have seen this movie.

I was struck last night, by how the movie has broken attendance and financial records all over the planet, and I realized, and was very much excited by the fact that I believe we have reached a critical mass in our history. Perhaps now, more than ever, there are more of us who believe in the inter-connectedness of all things on whatever level of understanding we have, and that we have a responsibility for this planet and all of its life forms.

Perhaps now, more than ever, we collectively acknowledge that there is a Force, or Source, which I recognize as Divine - which permeates all things and connects us.

Perhaps now, more than ever, we realize the importance of community, and working together to create the solutions needed to our very significant problems.

Perhaps now, more than ever, we are awakening to living more simply and sustainably, and realizing that not all that matters is the acquisition of material things.

I believe that this movie, while not perfect, and most definitely a product of the Hollywood establishment, invites in us deeper reflection and ultimately transformation of heart and soul. It is amazing to think that so many on this earth have been moved and touched so profoundly by this movie!

Go see it if you haven't!


cj said…
This one was truly inspired and inspiring Olga!

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