Fingers of God's Grace (Poem)

This morning, I enjoyed playing with my students as I worked them deeply - integrating some of the insights I had picked up from the teacher's practice I attended on Friday with Anusara Yoga teacher, Desiree Rumbaugh. I was pleased with the work they did, and at the end of class I shared with them the poem I had written for Des after the practice, and which I also offer here for all of you as well...

Fingers of God's Grace

Eager hearts, we are,
Awaiting to drink in
The inspired instructions
of a gifted teacher--
Truly a teacher's teacher,
Who shares her wisdom
And experience with us--
A gathering of hungry
And excited instructors

Hands and fingers,
Are placed mindfully on our mats,
As we are inspired to see
Our fingers as divine connectors
To grace, which we embody
Even in the pads of our fingers

We are guided, and told
To urgently draw energy in,
From the earth, into our fingers--
All the way into our upper backs,
A firm, but gentle insistence
Leads us to use this energy
To open to grace,
By opening our hearts
More fully and simply,
And more completely--
And the subsequent rush
Is exquisite, like some dripping
And nourishing our deepest essence

Each and every soul present
Merges and dances
With the infectious
Flow of energy, coursing
Through our bodies and heart
As we are led further and deeper,
Carried by the winds
Of a collective and supportive energy
That is unseen by the naked eye,
But that makes us all one

No one will ever place fingers
And hands, unmindfully again--
For not only are the fingers
The divine connectors to grace
In our bodies and hearts--
They also initiate an unstoppable
Chain of reactions, enabling us
To wholeheartedly become
And totally embody
The very Fingers of God's Grace
In our acts and words,
And in our hands
As we reach out and touch--
Becoming the vessels of
Healing light and abundant grace
Selflessly dispensed
Into all awaiting hearts
That are sent into our care

We are the Fingers of God's Grace--
Nothing more
And nothing less,
Entrusted with a Sacred Task


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