Pour the Light

This is the beginning of a very busy day for me. I arose in the waning darkness to sit and meditate. My heart was heavy with sadness for so many things - for loved ones close to me suffering such incredible loss. For the devastation in Haiti, caused by the strongest earthquake there in 200 years. I had a chance to speak to my parents who live in the neighboring Dominican Republic, which felt the quake just as strongly. They survived unscathed - something so many others were not able to do...

As I sat in meditation, and the sun began to rise, I became mindful of expanding myself with light so that I could send it into so many hearts and places. The list grows so long. In less than an hour I will teach a yoga class, and encourage my students to open to grace and find the invincible summer that lays hidden in the depths of winter within them. I will guide them through a centering to enable them to connect with and experience the rising sun within their hearts.

And so, it seems appropriate to share this poem I wrote recently, and posted to Twitter and Facebook yesterday, because it is a reminder I need again today...

Pour the Light

"Such love does,
the sky now pour,
that whenever I stand in a field,

I have to wring out the light
when I get home."
~ St. Francis of Assisi

Go out today and stand in the light.
Let the beauty of this day unfold before you.
Let the message of these words nourish you.
Let the sky pour out its light and love
all around you.

And may you share and shine that light
with those whose hearts are gray and heavy,
and hungrily seeking
for a lamp to light their way.

As I posted on Twitter this morning, my intention for today is - Let me be filled with light that I may shine light to others. Go out and shine light!


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