Message From the Infinite Heart

Last night, as I prepared to retire for the evening, I came across this beautiful YouTube video of very inspirational quotations and saying by Swami Nityananda, the Buddha, Jesus, Rumi, Mother Teresa, Maya Angelou, and John Friend. In the depths of this winter, it warmed my heart and soul, even in the face of the coming blizzard, due to arrive in a few hours.

And so today, as the winds are howling outside, and the snow is blowing and creating drifts here and there - and everywhere, I share these quotes from Nityananda, and will continue sharing many of these, in the days to come...

"My heart sings to you in every moment.
In every sunrise, in every reflection,
through every word, every thought,
every sound, in every silence hear my voice.

You are Divine, you are Grace.
I love you infinitely...

Open your heart to receive fully
the sweetness of my love
and know always
I am love, I am always with you...

Return to the Self within and know your own secret!
The universe is inside you and you
are inside the universe.
The inner Self is the one dancing in all...

Freedom from doubt is the path
to one-pointedness of mind...

The real sunrise is in the sky of the Heart,
it is the best one.
Just as the water jar reflects the sun,
so the entire universe shines
in the heart-space of the self.
When you are in a train,
the whole world appears to pass by.
Similarly, the whole universe
can be known within the Self.

Give up all your desire but one.
The desire for liberation
reveals the splendor of the Self...

The heart is the hub of all sacred places;
go there and roam."

On this day, inviting greater silence and deeper solitude, give up all desire but one: to know yourself truly as the self within the Self - and to experience your essence as one with the Divine in all places and at all times...

Follow heart - go into your heart! Dwell fully in the cave of your own heart, for it is the temple of the Beloved. Go there and roam. Get lost in its infinite treasures!

(For the full video - "Message From the Infinite Heart," visit:


Lavonne said…
Thank you for your post, and for sharing the YouTube link...really enjoyed it...

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