What If?

I came across this quotation that I have seen before, and decided to "Twitter" it in separate sentences. But it is worth savoring whole, as a meditation for this day, and indeed, every day...

So here it is, my rendition, slighted edited...

What If?

"What if--
our religion was each other,
our practice was our life,
and if prayer, were our words?

What if--
our temple was the earth,
if the forests were our church,
and if holy water - was
the rivers and the oceans?

What if--
meditation was our relationship,
and our teacher was life--
if the source of our wisdom
was self-knowledge,
and if love was the center of our being?"

(Based on a quotation by Ganga White)

What if all these things were our reality? Would it not be a different world? What if we all pooled our energy and our resources and gave intent to make it so?

It could be...It is only a mere thought away...

What if we changed our world by changing our thoughts?

What if....???


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