A Guru's Mahasamadhi

I awaken at 4 AM, intending to meditate early before I am off to teach yoga on the side of the river. But, I fall back asleep and finally get up at 5 AM instead. I go into my meditation room and my heart rejoices as it sits before my altar, festively decorated with peach colored roses and surrounded by the warm glow of the two long lasting votive candles that I lit at twilight yesterday - intending that their flames, span the length of two Mahasamadhis on alternating days - that of one guru - and his own guru...

I sit for an hour, giving the intention to merge my prayers and meditations with a dear friend, drinking in the sweet nectar and graces of this Mahasamadhi - the day that Paramahansa Yogananda consciously exited his body and merged with the Divine. It is said, that on such a day, special blessings and graces are available to the devotee, so I ask for blessings not only for myself - but for special friends and family members as well. I ask that all receive what is meant for their highest good...

A guru shows one the way to the Divine, and I delight in these words from Yogananda's writings:

"The friendship that exists between guru
and the disciple is eternal.
There is complete surrender,
there is no compulsion,
when a disciple accepts
the guru's training."

"My body shall pass
but my work shall go on.
And my spirit shall live on.
Even when I am taken away
I shall work with you
for the deliverance of the world
with the message of God.
Prepare yourselves for the glory of God.
Change yourselves with the flame of spirit."

I sit in the morning, as the last of the darkness begins to melt into the first emerging rays of light, and I give thanks for all that is - and all that I have received in the midst of a very busy week teaching and subbing 12 classes. I am filled with the many wonderful experiences stemming from all that teaching and sharing...

I repeat this prayer wonderful by Yogananda, slowly and mindfully:

"May Thy Light shine forever
on the sanctuary of my devotion,
that I may be able to awaken
Thy love in all hearts."

I think to myself - what else is there? What work could possibly be more sacred than to open the doorway to Divine Love for others?

As I prepare to go about the tasks of this day, I recall one last favored verse from a poem by Yogananda:

"In waking, eating, working, dreaming, sleeping.
Serving meditating, chanting, divinely loving,
My soul constantly hums, unheard by any:
God! God! God!"

On this magnificent day, full of sunlight and love, and all good things, my heart proclaims: Jai Guru!


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