Re-Setting Intentions to Heal

In the last few weeks, I have undergone a significant shift in consciousness regarding how to approach pain and various issues in my life, and it basically comes down to shifting my whole perspective and taking on the ownership of my own healing.

For too long my focus has been on the total elimination of physical pain, rather than dealing with it mindfully. I have been slowly moving more intentionally in the direction of trusting my inner wisdom. So, most of entries in the last few weeks have dealt with various aspects of this journey. And in a very real way - I write and share what I need to hear and learn myself. We teach in order to learn.

I shared a lot of my insights today with my gifted craniosacral therapist, who nodded affirmatively in acknowledgment of my realizations which were primarily about letting go of a goal - and focusing more on the process.

As spring begins to make its presence manifest - I have a desire to work on so many of these issues. For the first time in a while, I am excited about the task at hand, recognizing that I have many more tools available to me than most that I can readily access...

I came home, and read these principles for manifesting intentions that came from the Chopra Center Agni Newsletter.

Deepak Chopra offered this reminder in his own letter:

Our true self is:
  • Connected to all that exists
  • Unlimited and unbounded
  • Infinitely creative
  • Fearless and willing to step into the unknown
So, we are already endowed with the capacities to heal, if we are willing to listen to our inner wisdom and do the work that it asks...

From the newsletter:

"The following principles will help you become aware of how you create your reality and will empower you to transform or let go of whatever is no longer serving you. Choose one principle to focus on and practice each day.

1. My true self is pure, unbounded consciousness.

I will remember that thoughts come and go, but the core of consciousness is forever. Today I will experience myself beyond limitations. I will set aside time to meditate and be present with myself in the silence and peace of pure consciousness. I will experience myself as love, as a light that flows from my heart and spreads out into the universe as far as my awareness can reach.

2. The events in my life reflect who I am.

I will choose one thing that happens today and see how it mirrors my self. If I feel angry at someone, I will consider if what I dislike about that person actually exists in me. If an overheard conversation grabs my attention, I will take those words as a personal message. I will look at the world inside of me.

3. The people in my life reflect aspects of myself.

Today I will look at my friends, family, and everyone I meet as a group picture of me. Each person stand for a quality I want to see in myself or want to reject. I learn the most from those I intensely love or intensely dislike.

4. Whatever I pay attention to will grow.

I will take an inventory of how I'm using my attention. I will keep a log of my activities to find out how much time I spend on activities that fulfill me, or escapist fantasies. I will ask myself, "What do I want to grow in my life?" The answer will tell me how much my attention needs to shift.

5. Nothing is random - my life is full of signs and symbols.

I will look for patterns in my life. They could be anywhere - in what others say to me, the way I react to situations, how I am treated. I will open my awareness to hidden beliefs that shape my reality. These are signs of whether or not I believe I have personal power. I will look for signs about my belief in whether I deserve love - or not.

6. The universe always give me the best positive results.

Today I will focus on the gifts in my life. I will show gratitude for what is working rather than dwelling on what is not. I will notice how my own level of awareness shapes my perception of the world I am co-creating.

7. My inner awareness is always evolving.

Today I will ask myself how far I've come on my chosen path. Where do I stand right now? Where am I going. Even if I don't see immediate external results, do I feel that I am growing inside? I will set my intention on moving from Constriction to expansion."

I could easily lose myself in any one of these, and I feel re-setting my intentions is off to a good start!

"Everything in your life
is there as a vehicle for transformation.
Use it!"
~ Ram Dass


Bob said…
You have been sending out the energy of change very strongly -- I have felt it coming from you. Blessings on this stage of your journey. Remember always move towards and into the LIGHT

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