20 Things to Do to Heal Mentally and Spiritually

It is such a beautiful day, and between my domestic goddess chores, I decided to go for a walk. The sky was a brilliant blue, and it was warm and yet cool and soothing - all wrapped into one!

I have been germinating a list of things that I can do that will ultimately contribute to my own healing. So, when I came home, I decided to write them down before I forgot them. I started with a list of 20 - knowing that I would add on to these eventually. I will share my list in hopes that some of these will resonate with someone...Feel free to add on to this list with your comments!

20 Things to do to Heal Mentally and Spiritually

1. When I feel sad or hurt, or want to blame myself or others for a particular situation or set of circumstances, I can begin to shift these feelings by:

a. Working through Byron Katie's 4 questions: "Is it true? Can I absolutely know that it's true? How do I react when I think that thought? Who would I be without that thought?"
b. Doing Ho'ponopono: "I love you. Forgive me. I'm sorry. Thank you." (a Hawaiian Healing Technique)
c. Doing Lovingkindness: "May I be filled with Lovingkindness. May I be well. May I be at peace and at ease. May I be happy."
d. Replacing negative thoughts with positive ones. Refusing to run that mental circuit that brings on sadness (From Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor's book, My Stroke of Insight)
e. Expressing gratitude for the person who has hurt me or the set of circumstances I am dwelling on - for it is teaching me a lesson.
f. Saying the Reiki Precepts and practicing Reiki techniques.
g. Practicing Radical Forgiveness.

2. Meditating without fail.
3. Practicing yoga regularly.
4. Doing one thing for myself that makes me genuinely happy.
5. Going for a walk in nature.
6. Taking Grace, my kayak to the river for a paddle, or simply visiting the river.
7. Grounding. Connecting to the earth. Then the sky. Feeling and embodying oneness.
8. Connecting with a soul friend or companion.
9. Writing - working through whatever I must by journaling.
10. Picking up my guitar and playing it - or listening to music.
11. Reading something inspirational.
12. Watching something inspirational.
13. Laughing more.
14. Always looking for the good in everything first.
15. Being more compassionate.
16. Accepting and loving what is. Knowing that everything will pass.
17. Reminding myself that every moment is a gift.
18. Counting my blessings. Not focusing on what is lacking.
19. Gardening or nurturing something.
20. Showing more appreciation for others. Expressing love more often.

So there it is - this is my preliminary list. There is so much more to add - but it's a start of things I can work on right now. And of course, if I need to be inspired, I can always look to see what my Twitter friends are saying!

"A healthy mind has an easy breath."
~ Thich Nhat Hanh

"Love is the water of life.
Drink it down with heart and soul!"
~ Rumi

"In order to be happy, one should have good health,
a balanced mind, right work, a thankful heart,
and wisdom or knowledge of God."
~ Yogananda

"Happiness depends upon external conditions,
but chiefly upon mental attitudes."
~ Yogananda

"I went everywhere with longing in my eyes,
until here in my own house
I felt the truth filling my sight."
~ Lalla

"I said what about my eyes?
Keep them on the road.
What about my passion?
Keep it burning.
I said what about my heart?
Tell me what you hold inside it.
I said pain and sorrow.
He said: Stay with it."
~ Rumi

"If you are irritated by every rub,
how will you be polished?"
~ Rumi

"There is only one moment
when it is essential to awaken.
That moment is now."
~ The Buddha


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