More on How to Be Happy

I continue to read nuggets of wisdom by Paramahansa Yogananda on how to be happy.

I love this quote that was posted on the comments section of my previous post:

"If you have ever given up hope of being happy,
cheer up. Never lose hope.
Your soul, being a reflection of the ever joyous Spirit,
is, in essence, happiness itself."
~ Yogananda

And these as well, all coming from the Spiritual Diary of Yogananda...

"A strong determination to be happy will help you.
Do not wait for circumstances to change,
thinking falsely that in them lies trouble.

Do not make unhappiness a chronic habit,
thereby affecting yourself and your associates.
It is blessedness for yourself and others
if you are happy.

If you possess happiness you possess everything.
To be happy is to be in tune with God.
That power to be happy comes through meditation."
~ Yogananda

"Rather than be always striving for personal happiness,
try to make others happy.
In being of spiritual, mental, and material service to others,
you will find your own needs fulfilled.
As you forget self in service to others,
you will find that, without seeking it,
your own cup of happiness will be full."
~ Yogananda

"Real happiness comes only when your will
is guided by soul discrimination
to choose good instead of evil, anytime, anywhere,
because you truly want good for its own sake.
Then you will be really free."
~ Yogananda

Therefore today, go out and choose to be happy. Know that happiness is a choice we must make again and again. And that it is in truly giving it to others, that we receive it in its purest, and most joyous form!


Lavonne said…
This was just what I needed to read as I took a break from tossing, decluttering and creating space for my home office downstairs...was feeling pretty weighted down and understanding why people *don't* like to tackle these tasks!

After reading this post, I finished doing what needed to be done, and did so with a smile on my face...making the choice for happiness ;)

Sending lots of love and gratitude...

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