Riding the Waves of Grace

I ride the waves of Shakti. I ride the waves of grace...

I move - pose after pose - not of my own volition - but allowing my breath to ride the currents of Divine energy - feeling every movement as a pulsation. I move in a way I have not moved in years - as a sheer gift of grace!

Each movement and every pose feels delicious - even though I am not pain free. I am danced in the dance - propelled out of a vortex of powerfully swirling energies as an explosion, expression, and manifestation of the Divine's Power and Love...

In the last few weeks - I have delved deeper into my healing energy - with my Reiki teacher, Frans Stiene - who encouraged me to work more intuitively in my practice - and showed me how to dance with the Reiki energy. In a sacred initiation in meditation and in healing work this past week, the mantra - "Siva/Shakti" enveloped me and my gifted teacher, in the Presence of sacred energies and the Divine.

I now dance with the Shakti - in an ever new fertile current of grace - with no beginning and no end as I listen to the ancient Sanskrit mantra, that is also chanted as the Invocation for Anusara Yoga classes and practices. Every breath and movement in me - dances with this mantra:

OM Namah Sivaya Gurave
Saccidananda Murtaye
Nisprapanchaya Shantaya
Niralambala Tejese

I bow to the goodness within me,
the Divine Light, who is the True Teacher -
Taking on the form of my highest Truth,
Being, Consciousness and Bliss,
Always present and full of Peace,
Completely free, illuminating all
with Divine Light

I meditate deeply in my sacred room - a purple room surrounded by sacred statues of various traditions and murtis of many kinds - and especially many manifestations of Siva - that I endearingly refer to as "my nest of Sivas." Under their guidance and protection, in addition to special graces received, I go deeper in meditation and practice - to a place of stillness and silence where I can hear the sounds beyond the sounds - and furtively dance with waves of bliss...

Yes, I ride the waves of Shakti, in an endless current of grace, like the ebb and flow of the tides, I let go, and enjoy where I am - and where I am being led...


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