Abide In Me

I arise with a love song in my heart - "Abide in Me," sung to me by the Divine...The Beloved invites me into Sacred Space, every morning without fail...

I arise as I do every morning, and step into the gift of another day - it is unlike any that has come before - and it will never be the same again...Thus, every morning, is nothing more and nothing less than an invitation to experience another miracle...

I arise and before any task is undertaken, or even the first coffee of the day is imbibed, and I sit in meditation, whether I want to or not...I sit, not out of duty, but out of love, and because I believe...

"When you abide in Me,
Then I'll abide in you.
My Words in your heart--
Child believe
That when you seek My Face
And make me your First Love,
Then all the rest
Will be taken care of...

Don't worry what the future may hold,
For I have overcome the world
And all these things speak
Our solemn joy will be complete...

When you abide in Me,
Then I'll abide in you..."

The one who abides in God is truly, a Lover of God - and I am blessed to dance with others who are Lovers of God as well...

I arise with a love song in my heart and answer a sweet summons that invites me to roam in untold palaces and places of sheer bliss. My heart swells with gratitude, and it gives birth to this...

Lover of God

You are a Lover of God
Every morning the sun
Rises in your heart

Like Hafiz--

"You know the True Nature
of your Beloved.
In His Loving Eyes,
your every thought,
word, and movement
is always beautiful."

You are Lover of God
You abide in Him--
And the Beloved abides in you
As your First Love

Hafiz knew--

"We cannot count
all the ecstatic lovers
who are dancing there
behind the mysterious veil."

But, only One Love matters--
That First and Only Love
That has stood the test of Time
From Here until Eternity,
Claiming our hearts
And setting our souls on fire,
Forever making each one of us--
A Lover of God

(To hear the song "Abide In me," by Kristin Chenoweth, go to:
http://s0.ilike.com/play#Kristin+Chenoweth:Abide+ )


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