Come Dance With Me

I step onto the mat, and invite the Shakti energy - which is nothing more and nothing less than Divine energy - to move through me, to lead me - and I say, "Come dance with me!"

I do not say - "I will dominate." Instead I say, "Lead the way!" I bow to my heart. I surrender. I let go...

I sit in meditation, and I invite Divine energy and Love to envelop me - and heal me - and those I love and pray for as well - on my ever expanding list of requests. I repeat so many personal mantras and prayers: "I and the Father are One..." Yes - we are - and because we are One - I let go, and I say, "Come dance with me!"

I sit down to work, preparing various lesson plans - for my yoga classes, and for workshops. I seek to become a vessel and chalice for Grace that I may say what what needs to be said in order to help others awaken, so that I may reflect back the Grace that already abides in all whom I encounter - as I say, "Come dance with me!"

In every act, and every word - in every task I undertake - especially those that are challenging - I pray that I may be always open to Grace - inviting the Shakti - the very energy of the Divine to flow through me, as I say, "Come dance with me!"

My practice of Anusara Yoga is a practice of the heart and a dance of transformation. It bids me always to come back home to my heart, and the heart always knows what is best. And my heart always says, "Come dance with me!"


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