Final Musings on the Anusara Teacher's Gathering

I continue to reflect on - and process the incredible week I just spent with many of my friends and colleagues at the Gathering of Anusara Yoga Certified Teachers, in North Carolina. It has also been wonderful to review the Tweets that have been posted on Twitter at #ctgnc - which capture so many inspirational moments and quotes shared by others. It is especially amazing to note these have been read all over the world!

I have also enjoyed blog entries by Christina Sell, which should help to put many at ease about the so-called "direction" that Anusara Yoga is taking. If anything, I came away more committed to the path of Anusara Yoga and I am both excited and humbled to be part of growing Anusara in my own background. I think of so many of my students who have never been exposed to any other style or form of yoga, and who have no clue what it can be like out there in terms of classes where they would not be best served.

Christina compared a lot of the growing pains Anusara is experiencing to the teaching of "spanda." Everything is indeed pulsing - and is characterized by both contractive and expansive energies at appropriate times. John Friend, the found of Anusara Yoga, invited us several times during the course of the week to find and express our own individual artistry - in our practice - and through our individual talents - but to always come back to the middle - to our source - and to our core teachings. This to me, was not only reassuring - but empowering - for as someone who finds her deepest self-expression through the writing of poetry, prose, and posting to various social media platforms - I felt I was given the encouragement to serve my community more fully in this way, and that it also has a place and that is considered valuable.

One of the things I took away from this week - is that we all have our own unique gifts which are evident in how we serve our students and one another. At some point, John spoke about the teacher who is content to serve their small population of students and who is not going to be on the national or international circuit. I felt like he was talking to me - because I have no desire to do what some of my friends do. I am content to serve my students as well as I can, and occasionally teach a philosophy workshop here or there, nothing more, and nothing less....

As in the previous years, my spirits were also buoyed by the incredible amount of support, affection, warmth, and openness of those present. It is hard to convey this - or maybe even believe this is possible - unless you have been there the last few years...

Every year John says the community is getting better and better. He shared his heart and his vision in a very clear, succinct, passionate, and genuine way, and I realized he has never once wavered from his original vision. There were people present there who have known John personally for over two decades and could attest to the fact that he has always been there for them and has not changed who he is fundamentally. If anything, he has grown, and learned from his mistakes, as we all strive to do.

I came away filled with a lot of love and compassion - given - and received on so many levels. I am both deeply touched and humbled to be part of this community and this vision - and to contribute whatever I can in my own unique way!

(To read Christina's postings on the Gathering, go to her site: )


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