This morning, after meditation, I saw a beautiful YouTube video entitled "Gratefulness," that had been posted onto Facebook, narrated by Brother David Stiendl-Rast. I had the opportunity to study with him while I was in graduate school at St. Louis University, in the late 70's. I pursuing an MA in Theology at the time.

Brother David spoke about living each day as if it were your first and your last - living it fully - and seeing each day with new eyes - and experiencing each day with genuine surprise. It warmed my heart, and I thought to myself, what a lovely way to live each day.

It was a beautiful morning, and after my meditation and my practice, I headed out the door to meet a dear friend I had not seen in a few months to walk the labyrinth. I have been walking this labyrinth for a dozen years, and I have often met this special soul over the years to walk it with her and meditate together. We had the labyrinth, a replica of the one at Chartres Cathedral in France, to ourselves, and we were lost in meditation at the center for a good while. We both came out of meditation almost simultaneously, and enjoyed a heart to heart, sharing deeply for the span of a couple of hours in the center.

I was grateful for our time together, and our ability to find reasons to be grateful in the midst of so much suffering around us. Each one of us shared stories of so many around us dying, and hurting. My own friend had just been in Times Square in New York this weekend, on the very evening that the car bomb that had been left in an SUV was discovered. It was parked in front of the theatre she and her family were supposed to attend that evening! We marveled at the miracle that saved her life and that of a virtual "sea of humanity" - to use her own words, that night. So much suffering and pain averted!

Today was also a day for seeking forgiveness for old wounds inflicted - and it was a day for receiving it as well. It was a day where I was able to go on a long walk, and enjoy the beauty of a spring afternoon in all its splendor. It was a day for gratefulness in so many ways - for the opportunity to practice, to meditate with a friend, for sharing, and for forgiving and letting go and finally moving on...

It was truly a special day. And I am grateful for it, and all the ones that have become before me - for they have made me who I am. And, I am also grateful for all the days that are still to come...

"Nothing is worth more
than this day."
~ Goethe


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