Resistance is Futile!

"What you resist, persists!"

For the last several days, I have been reflecting on how what we resist in our lives, somehow persists. And this led me to recall the wonderful quote from the Borg in Star Trek - "Resistance is futile!"

What we avoid, in terms of inner work we must do, or in terms of issues that need addressing, somehow makes its way back to us - and pops up - rearing its demanding little head - even shouting at us and seeking our attention by exclaiming - "I will not be ignored!" (Like Glenn Close told Michael Douglas quite assertively, in "Fatal Attraction!")

I shared with a dear friend on a walk today, that as a result of my being under the weather and dealing with a number of physical issues this last month or so, I have had the opportunity to slow down, and more deeply reflect on my life, and as a result, some very interesting insights have come to me as I worked with setting some needed boundaries in my work, relationships, and other aspects of my life.

So, what is the opposite of resistance? One might certainly consider that it may be both acceptance, and surrender...

I also shared with my friend, that I often find it hard to reconcile certain aspects of Vedantic and Tantric philosophy. One advocates surrender and non-attachment, and the other teaches us to look for the good in all things and recognize that even in life's greatest challenges, there is a gift. I told my friend, that in meditation, I recently asked to be be shown which was a better path for me to follow and embody. Of course, I was thinking in either/or categories. And what I received in terms of a message, was simply that it was - "neither and yet both." And strangely, I found that insight both comforting and satisfying...

I find myself wondering what is really meant and implied by the practice of surrender and acceptance in one's life, and when it is - or it is not appropriate to exercise these practices - because if we really embraced them wholeheartedly and without question every time, there would be no opportunity for rightful and meaningful changes to occur, in addition to the rectifying of situations that warranted change. My friend offered a consideration to such scenarios that I had not thought of. She noted that perhaps the surrender and acceptance of a situation or a relationship should come only after you had tried everything within your power to improve them. This definitely made sense to me...

I do believe, there is a time for everything under the sun. The experience of resistance invites us to deeper introspection, reflection, and inner work. It may, by its very nature, signal a needed change in direction in our choices, our perspectives, in our spiritual or habitual practices, and ultimately in our relationships. This kind of resistance is not necessarily a bad thing, and of course, it is very Tantric in nature. But, at times, we need to surrender, to let go, and to accept what is - such as Vedanta and Buddhism and Christian spirituality teaches, and as so many enlightened teachers today advocate, like Eckhart Tolle and Byron Katie, to name a few...

I do believe, we must take time to listen to what is going on inside of us. I shared with my friend today, that I had asked for clear signs in certain areas of my life. And she pointed out, how I had really received them in ways I had overlooked or not considered. And they were quite plentiful!

Resistance is futile if we don't see the things that need to be seen and we don't hear the things that need to be heard. Resistance is futile if we don't address the issues staring at us in the face - inviting a new layer of self-discovery...


Matrika said…
Reading your blog just now I found myself nodding profusely! I have spent 2 of the past 3 weeks unwell and have seen this as a time to reflect on where I am and what is holding me back from moving forward in aspects of my life. It seems that my inner life has been calling me inward and sickness has been a pathway to move through some inner resistance. I have felt particularly sensitive and emotional as if grieving that which is not given light and love within me. What I am discovering is that if I continue to ignore certain issues the crisis seems to get a little bigger each time. I rarely get sick - so these past two weeks have been very unusual for me.
I would like to ask you if you are a Vedic meditator? My partner is one and wants me to learn his method as he sees it could greatly help with non-attachment and mind stuff. I am unsure how it sits with the Tantric view and wonder if you have any more thoughts on that.
Thanks for your blog!
Olga Rasmussen said…
Ah yes, sounds like we have been in parallel universes! I resonate with everything you have said - and find that the manifestation of illness is definitely in response to the resistance.

My meditation practice is primarily based on Kriya Yoga as taught by Yogananda. It is Vedantic in nature - hence my reflections on both the Tantric and Vedantic approaches. I am not familiar with Vedic meditation, but I would go for it if it resonates with you. I find that any practice can be helpful and grounding, though we tend to resonate with some paths more than others. Try it, and if it speaks to you, then stick with it for a while so that you can reap its benefits.

Blessings of love,

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