Dancing in the Divine

About four years ago, I self-published a volume of my poetry, titled Dancing in the Divine: More Poems from the Heart of Practice, and this theme of dancing in the Divine is one I chose to re-visit this week as a class theme.

On Sunday, Anusara Yoga celebrated its 13th birthday. The word Anusara is often translated as "flowing with grace," or "stepping into the current of grace." Anusara at its essence, is a practice which invites us to "align with the Divine." If we align with something - we pulsate in resonance with it - our energy dances with it.

Most of us like to dance - behind closed doors in the privacy of our own company where no one else is watching - or we like to do it with a special someone. When we align - we dance - there is a certain fluidity and freedom of movement that occurs when the energy of the Divine moves through us - and in our practice, the Anusara Universal Principles of Alignment lend their support, enabling us to create the conditions for the expansion of this energy.

In the Siva Sutras, a Tantric text, there is a beautiful sutra that simply asserts that "The Self is the Dancer."

It means that when we align with the Divine - we are the dancer. We dance with the Divine. Who we are at our essence is Spirit - and it - or we - are free - and it wants to make itself known and experienced. Who we are at our essence dances with the Divine in the practice - and in the dance - the essence of who we are is revealed as we merge with the Divine.

So dance. In everything you do and are - simply dance. Dance like there is no tomorrow. Dance like everything depends on it. Enjoy the freedom. Enjoy aligning. Enjoy the dance!

"It's the heart afraid of breaking
than never learns to dance."
~ Bette Midler


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